Soul Searching

So recently watching a cute movie and there is this one part where the guy's sister calls herself "the faller, one that doesn't make the grade,that trips up". This was heartbreaking. I think we all hit a phase in our lives when we think we have somehow failed or have become the screw up in the family. We make choices that are usually not always the greatest just to see what happens, like a "what if". What if I date this fun person, it might work out...NOPE! Maybe I'll try this job because I don't want anything serious to have to really PROVE myself, or because the money is good but the environment sucks or you deal with abuse because you undervalue yourself. To be honest, I think we all hit that "phase" in our lives. We end up "weeding out the bad" in our lives, just so we can find our "happy", to find what works best for us and yes it happens at any age. Mind you, if you haven't tried to fix or understand a lot of "self" issues (self love, confidence, self acceptance, whatever you want to call it) you aren't going to find happiness in anyone or anything else. You'll keep making the same mistakes, having the same arguments, going through the same unhealthy relationships, staying in the same lame job that you are too good for because you do not see your value, your true worth. Sometimes it takes time for you to realize it, sometimes you have to exhaust yourself in order to move on, move forward or jump ship to something new. Sometimes it takes that "new" career or job, new relationship to get an appreciation of where you are vs where you were. Why wait? Take notice. Are you really happy with you? Are you really happy with your situation?