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New Student Special Pricing

As an incentive for being a new student to our studio, we offer ONE time deals to ALL new students!  This means you can only purchase them once.  Our Introductory Special is 1 Month of Unlimited Yoga for $49!  This means you can take any class, as many times during the day, for a whole month!  This allows you to find the classes that will help you achieve your goals & fit your schedule.
If you decide to sign up as a member prior to your Intro Special expiring, you can snatch up the memberships below at a discounted rate!  We offer 3 different packages that can fit your budget, schedule and goals!  All packages are at a deeply discounted rate to allow you to decide what classes you like without breaking the bank.  There is NO COMMITMENT contracts, these are month to month memberships! 

*Please note that if you lock into the membership prior to Intro Special expiring, you will receive the deeply discounted rate below.  If you choose to cancel and come back, you are not able to receive this rate but at the regular membership rate (see Pricing Page for more Info).

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