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Dedicated to Wellbeing

A Bit About Us

We use intuitive yoga to help working parents manage nagging pains and tame anxiety so they can feel peaceful and at ease in the face of stress. This doesn't mean we are excluding anyone by any means. This does mean we are not for everyone. As amazing as it is to see those beautiful yogis on social media balancing on each other’s hands or trying to get into pretzel-like poses, that’s not who we are.
We are about relieving those aches, pains, creaks, cracks and stresses your body has endured. Our students are primarily the working mom (or dad), that has the 40 hour plus work week, along with after school activities, adolescent dramas and everything in between. We understand that every day is different, stresses change daily and the body will react to those stresses differently every day. This means the body will allow and disallow on a daily basis, which will also change and affect your practice on a regular basis. Our focus is to help you on the mat, feel better physically, get mentally feel focused, all through the practice of yoga and meditation, which in turn gets you through those life’s ups and downs.
Our students start yoga to get flexible, lose weight, and alleviate stress. They stay for the community. They’ve found a place they can practice and be comfortable in their surroundings. They have a new outlook on their body and fallen in love with the supportive yoga community that Trinity Wellness offers them.

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