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Our Schedule & Common Q&A

What can I expect in taking a class at your studio?

-We are a beautiful little quirky community that encourage you to challenge yourself, listen to the body and enjoy the journey. 

What should I bring with me to a class & what to wear?

-Bring Yoga Mat, props are highly encouraged, bring 1-2 blocks, strap, (light weights if the class requires & if you're comfortable using).   Wear comfortable clothing, nothing restricting like jeans.  Leggings, basketball or loose shorts if you prefer those, t-shirt or tank.  Please keep in mind, we are NOT a hot yoga studio but your body temperature will go up with movement.

I'm not flexible, I have lots of ailments in the body, I'm not sure I can do all the poses.

-Yes that's more of a statement than answer, but it's something we come across on a regular basis and don't sell yourself short.  You do not have to be flexible to practice yoga, everyone has a start.  We encourage props to help with poses, we modify EVERYTHING because one thing we learned in our own practice is that your body will allow you to do cool stuff one day and the next it be stiff as a board.  Your everyday life, stresses, big life events, and how you handle all of those will affect the body in so many different ways.  Don't be discouraged if you can one day, and not the next.  We do offer gentler classes which is always a great way to begin your yogic journey. (Click link above for schedule)

How often do I need to practice yoga to see a difference and reap rewards?

-Even once a week can make a huge difference to your overall well-being.  We offer a New Student Promotion of unlimited yoga for a month which will allow you to find the classes that best fit your interest, need and schedule.

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