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Classes are available for registration through MindBody.   We currently offer an Unlimited Monthly for new clients!!  This is less than the cost of 2 studio classes!!  This offer is only offered once per client.  You can take as many classes you want, whenever you want to take in a month! 

We offer a variety of classes for all ages and levels.  Please don't hesitate to reach out for any questions, email info at the bottom of this page.

Adult Yoga Classes & Community Classes

  • Chair Yoga -  We currenlty do not offer a Chair Yoga Class, but we do offer modifications for those who need to practice yoga on the chair.  We also have chairs for those who need to use a chair as a prop.  Reasons for using a chair prop: people with mobility issues, those who work in an office environment and need to incorporate movement into their workday, pregnant women and elderly.  

  • Gentle with Meditation- This is a great class for all levels, especially the beginner looking to get started.  The class is low key, with a meditation at the end of class (be aware sometimes a sound bowl is used during meditation to help break up stagnant energy) Benefits of meditation include: better sleep, less anxiety, more aware, increased mindfulness, less stress and calmer.  20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to a 2 hour nap
  • Serenity Classes - Good for all levels of experience.  This class begins with a flow (moving from one pose to another seamlessly), focusing on alignment, core and whatever is ailing everyone that day.  We do modify to make the class friendly for all levels, giving you options to modify as you need that day. We end class with guided meditation that will help keep you feeling zen throughout your day.  

  • Slow Flow Vinyasa - This is a stronger practice, moving fluidly from one posture into another incorporating vinyasas between postures or asanas.  Music will vary from class to class.  Recommended some time on the mat but not necessary.

  • Yogilates - Great class for all levels of experience.  A combination of yoga & pilates that will strengthen & sculpt the body along with adding something different to your yoga practice.

Private Classes: This is the yoga experience where the focus is on you.  Safety is top priority at Trinity Wellness Emporium.  We meet first to go over any questions, ailments, anxieties, special needs you (and/or your child) may require prior to ever taking a step on the mat to ensure your needs are met.  These classes are designed for you and only you, to fit your needs, your ailments, your movements and your levels of stress.

​These private classes are available:

  • Adult Private & Semi Private - This is a more traditional Hatha yoga or flow yoga class designed for your body, your need and your abilities.  The private classes will help you relieve any tension, stress, aches and give you the strength, tone you are looking to achieve in your practice.. This is also great for those who are new or getting back to yoga after a while and need a refresher or want to get the basics down before attending a studio class.

  • Mommy/Daddy & Me - This is a yoga & games class to help improve the bonding experience between parent and child, incorporating yoga, games, crafting, meditation and mindfulness into the practice.

  • Children with Special Needs

Pricing: $100 and up (private sessions done at your home will be the rate below plus mileage

1 Private Session In-studio with staff: $100

1 Private Session In-studio with Betsy: $150

1 Semi-Private or Private Session At Home with Betsy: $150

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