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Owner,  500ERYT & 95 CRYT Kids Yoga Teacher & Reiki 2 Practitioner

Betsy O'Connell

Betsy opened Trinity Wellness Emporium in February 2018 in Union Beach, with the love and support of her family & friends. Her studio is not like any other, it is a crystal shop and yoga studio in one! She takes the time to get to know her students & clients, encourages a sense of community environment within the studio and will show compassion to anyone who may need it.  Trinity Wellness is kid friendly and she encourages both children and adults to enjoy their practice, and to remember we all have to start somewhere, it's a continuous journey and everything takes "baby steps".

She found her yoga journey in 2009, as a way of "stretching" between her long distance runs & as a way of doing something fun with her daughter who was 2 1/2yrs at the time.  She decided to go for her teacher certification after rehabbing her back through her yoga practice and fell in love with how great she felt.  In 2017, she received her 200hr teaching certification.  In conjunction to opening her studio, she decided to pursue her advanced 500hr training, which she received in June of 2018.  As of July 2019, she received her 95hr Kids Yoga Certification.  She teaches all ages and abilities within her studio, corporate offices and at local schools.

Betsy is empathic, clairvoyant, a medium among other things.  She is self taught in crystals and is always looking to learn more about the metaphysical.  Betsy performs all card readings, space clearing & Reiki Sessions forTrinity Wellness Emporium.  If you want to make an in-person or virtual appointment, you can purchase & reserve on Wellness Living app or  contact the studio .


200 RYT 

Colleen Quinn

Colleen has practiced for many years in many places.  A former exercise instructor & figure skater, her prior career was as a professional in the performing arts.  Current hiker, writer & pickleballer.  
Colleen's classes combine an assortment of Hatha asanas emphasizing stretching & strengthening. Her sequences focus on spinal/hip flexibility & extensions, as well as balance work.  Contemporary music, literature, some physical therapy, & harnessing the peace that yoga embodies will round out your Thursday morning hour in this class.  She is a 200 hour RYT & a member of Yoga Alliance.


200 RYT & Level 2 Reiki Practitioner Certified

Destiny Harrington

I started my practice in 2017, as a pretty shy and  insecure person who avoided anything like this, where my body could possibly embarrass or disappoint me .  I Immediately fell in love with the practice after noticing how beneficial it was, not only physically but emotionally as well. After seeing so many positive changes the practice brought to my life I knew I wanted to share that feeling with as many people as I possibly could. I wanted to get anyone who ever thought they couldn’t, on the mat, in my class, to let them know that they CAN! 
I completed my 200 hour teacher training in 2018. I taught for a little while at Studios, Gyms , even at a recovery center trying to find my place . After a long time of trying lots of different styles and classes, making lots of mistakes,  even doubting this path for myself I slowly started to find my niche , and what I wanted to offer exactly.  Currently  I teach a gentle, intentional class with a guided meditation and sound healing. I enjoy adding breath work and energy (chakra) work as I find it to be super beneficial to the practice . This class is for everyone; however, as a woman, and now mother of 3 , I’ve always had an interest in offering some thing JUST for women  where we are free to move in ways that benefit us, our bodies, and all the changes they’re constantly going through.  A class that empowers our Feminine Embodiment with absolutely no shame . This is something I am currently working on to offer soon.  My hope is for anyone who takes my classes to leave with an extra sense of confidence , calm and ease , But mostly to be able to come back to that sense at time they need to , with the tools and techniques I provide



200hr CYT & Barre Teacher

Michelle Ungano

Michelle completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training from Seed of Life Yoga NJ in February of 2019. Yoga has always been a way to feel more grounded & centered when life pulls you in all directions. After raising her 5 children and still working she wanted a deeper connection to her practice, teachers & community.  Michelle believes that self-care is vital to live a healthy and happy life. She shares the healing benefits & inner peace yoga brings to her students through the comfort of being present & finding balance. Michelle enjoys both practicing and teaching different styles of yoga to make her classes fun, challenging, adaptable, safe and thoughtful. She wants everyone to know the beauty of yoga,
whether they’re a child, teenager, young adult, adult or senior, ANY BODY can benefit from the mind and body connection that yoga offers. Michelle wishes her students walk away feeling intuitively connected to their souls & completely nourished.  When not practicing & teaching yoga, Michelle enjoys teaching barre, spending time with her
family, her dog Leo, friends & traveling. Her favorite time of year is summer, being at the beach or
pool & participating in outdoor activities.


500hr CYT, Master Sound Healer & Reiki Master

Shannon Keelyn

Shannon is a certified yoga instructor, fur mama and Reiki master who uses vibrational sound healing as a tool in her energy work.  Shannon began her journey with her very first yoga class at the farm a few years back and fell in love with the stars of the workshop- the baby goats and of course lavender!!!!  She is a firm believer that laughter is the very best medicine and it is impossible to take life too seriously while surrounded in the magic! Shannon is one of our 200hr YTT Teachers, sharing her knowledge and love of Sacred Sound aka Sound Healing. 

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