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New Year, New Visions, New Focus

Happy New Year! I know this has been overdue, it's been a bit hectic and I needed to figure out what exactly I wanted to write on this blog, how often and all that fun stuff. I do plan on mixing it up here a bit, nothing crazy. More along the lines of more information on yoga, foods, something new to try if you're up for it, things I heard recently that you may find interesting and all that fun stuff around helping you with your self care goals. I have found most of my students that come to the studio, if not all, suffer from some kind of anxiety and of course we all suffer from stress of some sort, whether it's big, small, serious or minor, it is all something we need to work on to help us through our everyday. Why did this come about? Because I've been doing a lot of reflecting on 2019, and where I want 2020 to go and better ways of helping you in your self-care journey in 2020 and the many years to come.

2019: Trinity turned 1, I made many new connections personally and professionally, filled my space with new faces, new events, and weeded through a lot of relationships that no longer complement each other. Last year I found that I was inspiring some of my family to get out of their comfort zone and following their passions, some gave yoga a try, some tried meditation,some were inspired to improve their health by changing eating habits. All very humbling to say the least. I also found that my support system has been "transforming" and continues to change which is also a breath of fresh air.

2020: This year I'm starting off on the same foot as last year just doing it a little differently. I'm re-evaluating, restructuring, reassessing, continuing to bring in new students to the studio, new events, try new things, reconnecting with people, making the community around Trinity stronger and more supportive for all of us. Last year I did a lot of "lets get together" but never followed up, this year I'm following up. I've come to realize that in my personal life. I'd rather have a small circle of people I trust and love, who care for me, than a huge network of people who don't give a shit about my well-being, my family and my business. I'm making me a priority in my life so that I can teach my children to do the same for them. We all need to do this, it's important to be a priority in our lives. Focus on what we want, not what we don't want. I want to find a way to bring that to Trinity and the surrounding community. I know this I won't be able to do alone, so it will be about finding the right people to help me do this and yes, it will take time but I'm willing to do the work behind if you are interested in getting involved, let me know! Cause I can't do it alone! I'm very excited for this year, I know it's just started, but it will bring some pretty amazing stuff to all of us (and I can't wait!)

In the meantime, I'd like for you all to focus on what you would love to have in your life, don't be afraid to share! Just do it with people who support you, love you and will lift you up! That is where your support system lies! I will be doing the same! More of what I love to help you do more of what you love! I will be writing again in a few short weeks, going to make this a habit so that I can help you move forward in making YOU a priority in YOUR life! Many blessings! xo

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