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Angel Card Readings

Nor'Easter today, so I figured what a better time to update my site, add a blog entry and get some boring taxes done! (not in that order but it is what it is) SO today I'm going to give you some insight of what to expect in my Angel Card Readings. I find I've been doing them on an almost daily basis since I've opened, sometimes 2-3 times a day. To be honest I even had a great going on at the studio but because of something that happened on my way home one night from just giving TWO readings I found that I had to increase my rates (I will get to that a little later). I find that my readings will attract those who really want them and appreciate them. (Please keep in mind, I'm keeping the same rates as those who charge at a local metaphysical shop a few towns over).

What to Bring?

You. Yes you can bring photos of those who are alive or passed. No I won't be able to have a read on everyone one in the pictures. (I've had situations where I couldn't connect with a photo, it happens.)


1 - I do not do Death questions. I'm not comfortable with predicting it, I've seen it on people's faces and it freaks me out, and Death also depends on a person's ability to live. They could be determined to live a long life, others lose the will to live and then there is suicide which can never be predicted.

2 - I do not read diseases, but I can tell you if something somewhere feels off. My body will actually feel pain in areas that you do or will suffer pain. For example, if people suffer from anxiety or isn't handling stress properly that will turn into anxiety, then my body will feel the pain of an anxiety attack. By this I mean my chest will tighten, heart hurts, hard to breathe, panic, etc. (By the way it's not fun for me and yes it hurts.)

3 - "Well YOU tell me, YOU'RE the psychic" Don't be an ass. Sometimes I can't see past a certain thing, or you yourself are blocking me energetically so I have to ask in order to get your walls down and read you better or a situation better. If you want to be difficult then please go elsewhere, and don't waste my time. I do what I do because I love it, because it helps people and it can guide them to better prepare for things in their lives and even make better choices. Leave the snarky shit for the teenagers.

What to expect during a reading:

Here is an idea of what to expect: I have a beautiful deck of Angel Cards which I will knock to get the energy from my previous reading off of the cards. (I do prior to every reading and also I do sage my cards when it's needed). I will then hand them over to you to shuffle to your heart's content. You can shuffle as long or short as you'd like, it doesn't matter. That is all on you and the way I see it, you will get the message you are supposed to receive. If anything should pop out of your hands as you shuffle, those you keep out of the deck as you continue to shuffle, those are what I like to call "Attention Getters". It's like the cards are telling me "READ ME FIRST!!". Yes it happens, more frequently than not.

The spread I use, well, I just throw them out. What I mean is I do three first, tell you what I read and anything that may come up/appear to me. Then another three and so on and so forth. I do ask questions for clarification if something doesn't make sense or I can't a proper read. Don't hesitate to ask me questions as I do the reading.

Another thing to know is that I give my readings with the best of intentions. I only want good things for people, I am not a malicious person and I will tell you things as I would my family, with tough love when it's needed, compassion when it's called for and always with love. So if your ego is playing a big role in your life and preventing you to move forward, I will tell you "You need to tell your ego to shut the hell up" Sometimes I use the F-bomb when it's needed as well (consider yourself warned). Yes i will tell you how it is because I don't know any other way. I find if you sugar coat shit, in the end it still smells like shit. (no other analogy works here, sorry), but to be honest I've tried and it just doesn't work so I just get straight to the point.

Also I do not judge, seriously. We are only human, we all have our faults, we all have our lives to live and mistakes to make, and so on. It is not my place to judge, nor will I ever, but I do give you tough love and will tell you how it is, whether you like it or not. Please remember, I'm only a messenger and you came to me for a reading.

So rates are located in the Boutique section of this site. Reason for raising my rates is because I read two people back to back recently (an hour plus each) and I didn't realized it took a lot of my energy from me. Long story short, I almost fell asleep behind the wheel on my way home. Performing readings is much more than throwing cards down and reading them. I use a LOT of energy to read for a person. It takes all of my senses except smell, not sure why, but I have yet to open that up and not sure if I ever will open that up. I find the more I practice, the more I read, the more I see. For example, recently I started seeing the third eye of my clients (IT'S WILD!) and it's only been within the past couple weeks.

So if this is something you would like to try, reach out to me via email, make an appointment, I'd love to read for you. My email for info is Wish you all well! Many Blessings!

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