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Here's to Continued Adventures!

Not sure where to begin for this entry to be quite honest. This year marks my 1 year anniversary of opening my doors and I'm a bit beside myself over it. Yes, it's a month away but processing it is probably going to take that long! ha! Anyway, 2018 had a bit of everything for me, I opened my doors by the skin of my teeth, somehow it worked. Lots of trial and errors, lots of happy tears and sad ones, more happy tho. Oh! Funny story - when I began teaching at my studio, I would end my classes in tears from being so humbled and overwhelmed. I had students! Not only that but had they felt better after my classes, they were relaxed and happier too! At the end of 2018, I ended my year the same way, in tears. I still have students, new, returning and some with me since before my studio. I continue to receive stories of how great they feel, how they are improving physically and how much more aware and mindful they have become.

I know 2019, the focus is bringing in bigger things to our community, such as trainings, more workshops, at least one retreat needs to be booked (this has been in the talks for the better part of last year) and a few other things that I have on hold right now.

So as my tradition goes, here are my 2019 resolutions:

- Yoga & meditation 7 days a week! (I do it now and want to maintain that)

- Meditation duration for 20-30 mins each time, the goal is 30 mins consistently (not going to be hard on myself if it's not 30 mins, but it HAS

to be 7 days a week!)

- Pick a location and book a retreat for the end of 2019 or beginning 2020 (super excited about this one!)

- Teach full classes (10-15 people) I'm ready for the full classes now (this one is more manifesting than anything else)

- Pamper myself twice a month (mani/pedi, massage or facial, something for ME, I work 7 days a week and it doesn't end when I close for the night, so I deserve something nice)

- Get back into running (Rutgers Half is my goal this year, honk if you see me running on the road!)

- Bring in teacher training to the studio

- 2-3 adult events a week at the studio (working on this, so if you're interested in having a workshop at my studio don't hesitate to reach out)

- 1-2 Kids events at the studio a month (also working on this and again if you have some great mindfulness workshops that children really connected to, please reach out)

- Bring in a new practice to the studio

- Get someone to help with the boutique & class check-ins, so I can manage the business

- Get out of my own way ( I do this a lot, I get in my head and learning to stop)

- Manifest more!

Okay so this is it for now until I figure out what else I would like to accomplish or add to this list.

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