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My Yoga Journey so far...

Trail at Logan's Pass in Montana

I'm a runner and have been running for about 20 years now, more longer distances for the past 10 years which is when I introduced yoga into my life. I initially needed it to "stretch" and it felt great but I never had a reason to "rest" in Savasana (for those who aren't familiar with this term, it's Corpse Pose, or the resting pose at the end of a yoga practice where you lie in stillness). It was sporadic too, once a week, to once every few months. I remember popping in the kids yoga dvd for my daughter when she got rambunctious and noticing how she would be so calm afterwards, totally at peace, which allowed me to get back to work (at the time I worked from home). Anyway, fast forward a few years, my practice had always been at home, little half hr shows I recorded or something I found on the internet.

In 2014, I got myself a gig with a pharma company, which had a gym onsite (wahoo!). Loved the idea of being able to just do a workout during lunch and get back to work with no worries of squeezing it in later in my evening. At the time I was training for a half marathon, so my workout routine was jogging on the treadmill & weight training. I got the monthly calendar for their classes, figured I would change it up a little and found yoga. It was the first time I stepped foot in a studio atmosphere and into a yoga class. I left there feeling GREAT! Fast forward a few months, and I remember one day during Savasana, I closed my eyes, took a deep breathe and opened my eyes, like a really slow blink. To my surprise, it was time to go! 10 minutes just like that! I found my stillness! I couldn't believe it! I was SOLD! I went from once a week to 3 times a week! (bc that's what was offered) It was amazing! I felt great! I would do my other workouts on the off days to keep training for my races, but yoga was something that even when I was home I missed my practice and looked forward to it. So you can imagine, when my contract was over, so were my classes and I was SO bummed! Eventually, I had another gig, gym within the building but the yoga was never when I could go and training there was a blah basement that didn't keep me interested. One weekend, I hurt my back somehow, either something pulled or slipped disk or something. All I know is that it would spasm and no matter how still I stayed I would be in SO much pain. I was also diagnosed with scoliosis and sciatica (FUN!).

After a few months of physical therapy, I found a yoga studio about 15 mins away from home. My physical therapist said that as long as I was careful with the moves, it should be okay to try. BINGO! The words I needed to hear! In no time, my back was stronger and I was painfree! PAINFREE!!! As you can imagine, I decided to sign up for the 200 hr teaching certification. Funny enough, I had to get surgery on my foot, right at the beginning of the course and during my recovery, I pretty much practiced yoga the best I could as long as I wasn't in pain. I couldn't do inversions, BUT I observed my fellow yogis in class and was able to help them with their alignment when attempting them. I was bummed I couldn't get upside down and there are still inversions that I cannot do, which is temporary, it all comes with practice, BUT I can walk people through their inversion, through proper's wild! I totally love seeing their face when they get into crow, headstand or even a quick starter like putting their feet up a wall! LOOOOVE IT!

I got my teaching certification and a few months later, I signed up for Kids Yoga Training because I promised my daughter I would teach children...BEST PROMISE EVER! I'm certified for children from ages 2 thru teens. Of course it doesn't stop there, I've gotten certified for therapeutic training, (if you come to my class and I ask if you have aches, pains, creaking or cracking, be honest please so I can give you a practice you can benefit from regardless if it's a full class or private session. I usually do a full body flow or focus on an area depending on the class but if your neck hurts I will have you NOT go up into neck stand and just have you with your feet up in the air, has the same benefits on the body.)

My yoga outside of my Wellness Studio. I'm getting certified to teach children with special needs (which I already teach, but I will have a better understanding of their needs). I'm also getting certified to teach infants and toddlers (again though I can already, there is always more I can learn that where children can benefit). I also signed up for my 300hr teacher training, which starts next week (yay!). Thankfully it doesn't stop there and the sky is the limit in learning, teaching and practicing yoga.

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