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Spring Cleaning!

Now that I made you all cringe with that headline, it's not quite as it seems. Usually people associate that phrase with dusting, scrubbing, mopping, bleaching the house and purging the closets and toy rooms, planting the new garden, etc. This is KIND of like that but it's more about energetic cleaning.

Ever take a look at the people you surround yourself with and think the spark is gone? I'm not talking lovers or spouses, I mean anyone, any person within your circle, whether it be friendships, colleagues, lovers, family, etc. Ever feel you have outgrown them, the relationship, like it has come full circle and you're ready to move on or move forward? Yeah, me too. More often than not, believe it or not. I find that in almost every card reading I've given lately, it seems to be the common theme. Sometimes it's objects people hold on to, but lately, a lot of what I'm seeing is people holding onto relationships they have outgrown.

Please know there is nothing wrong with doing a little spring cleaning in your relationships. When you cut ties with someone, or something from your life, you are actually making space for something new, for someone new, making space for newer opportunities, adventures, jobs, travel and yes, even people. Energetically you are telling your Universe, your God, your Angels, whatever it is you believe in, you are telling them, you are ready for the next chapter in your life. Sometimes it's done for us, whether someone getting us out of their life, a job ends, the end of a huge project, relocation or whatever. When these things happen, it's almost like we send out a beacon of light out to the world to show as have this "available space" for the next best thing. Almost like a spotlight on an empty stage for that new person to step into or new thing to come into play. I'm sure you're thinking but what if it doesn't happen as quickly as getting a new job right after losing one, or finding "The One" after the big breakup. Well, sometimes you need to do some soul searching, get that "Me-time", that you missed out on while you were being a workaholic or while you were consuming your time the last relationship that didn't allow for you to enjoy life (with or without that person). Sometimes, the lesson is to enjoy the small moments now because the new thing coming your way won't let you do that as much, or just the opposite, it will allow for you to take that fun to a new level. MAYBE it's just to create memories to take along with your in your journey, something to reflect on in the future. It doesn't have to make sense, it's not a clue for the next best thing, it's just time, precious time, quality time. Use it wisely because you won't get it back again.

With that said, while your spending your time cleaning the house, gardening, purging the old, take the time to look at the relationships that need to be purged, the relationships that need rekindling, (let's face it, if the relationship isn't broken, then fix it and move forward. Also part of the "spring cleaning" process.) Figure out where it is that your relationship lies and move forward. What if you don't want to address it now, then don't. Just don't be surprised when things don't change, you keep living the same cycle in "autopilot", yes that happens, and it's happened to me. The relationship ends up collecting dust, like those old ties or suits in the back of the closet, or the shoes you can't bare to part with because it's familiar as opposed to making space for something new, someone new.

These changes sometimes are painful to go through, but remember it's all a learning experience. What happens next after the spring cleaning is up to you, you don't have to fill the void so quickly, let yourself mourn the relationship(s), you need to take the time to realize the value of what that person was to you at one time, be grateful for the time spent and then be grateful for having the ability to move forward with your life. This also is not saying you cannot rekindle the relationship later on in your life, it's just saying for now, this is what you need, this is what the new chapter holds for you. I've personally been going through this, and yes it sucks. I have come to realize that my life is better without and I'm a better person without and I can feel more comfortable in my own skin and everyday without. That right there, is all the reason I need to do without. Just know, you aren't alone, and I will continue to hold space for you so you don't feel you alone in this part of your journey. ~Namaste

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