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Reviewing, Reflecting, Refining

It's a little later than midyear but considering I opened my doors in February I'm a month off from doing my "review, reflecting and refining". Confused? Well at the beginning of this year I made a small Resolution List of things I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. Traditionally, when I create a resolution list I will bring it up throughout the year and begin checking off all that I've accomplished so far. WELL, much to my surprise, it's a little past midyear and I've come to realize that I have more than half of the list checked off! In my book that's awesome! Sometimes I even add to the list, which I did to this one. A lot of what I have are continuous things to work on, other's are done, and the new ones added are pretty much those that I've been working on, more long term than just this year, I just decided to put them on the list to keep me focused. Check out my progress so far, yes I'm optimistic and nothing wrong with that! My goal is to continue planning, creating, manifesting, improving, broadening, enjoying my life, studio, family, health, etc.

My things to accomplish in 2018 in no particular order:

- Open my doors to the public in February 2018 at my Union Beach location. - Completed!

- Bring the community closer through yoga, meditation, workshops, social events at the studio & outside venues - Continuously working on it!

- Bring what I learn in my own practice, to the classes I teach. - Always working on this one

- Get my 500hr Teaching Certification - Completed!

- Get my Littlest Yogi's Certification (yoga for infants & toddlers) - Completed!!

- Find myself a wonderful staff of yoga teachers that I adore, who will teach with care, compassion, passion and mindfulness. YES!!! I love love LOOOOVE all my teachers!

- Run a few workshops for children over the summer - Yes and no, we had them, my kids loved them I know what I need to do next year to get more visibility. Always learning & growing from my "errors" if you want to call them that.

- Let Go on a daily basis! Still doing, this will remain on my list

- Smile, laugh, joke more - This I do more now on a regular basis than I have ever before

- Drink more water - still working on this one

- YOGA EVERY DAMN DAY - 6 days out of the week, by the end of the year it will be 7 out of 7 days bc I'll be open 7 days a week! YES!

- 45MIN MEDITATION EVERY DAMN DAY - HA! I'm at 15 minutes right now, sometimes 20 mins. I'm working on the increased time, it's not a lost cause, AND I've gotten my kids into it now too so it helps me.


- Weekly Angel Card Readings for both myself and clients - I need to be more specific on this one!

- Hold Crow Pose for 5+ breaths - 2-3 breathes right now

- Hold headstand away from the wall! (slow & controlled rise and release) - I did this, but still working on holding the pose longer

- Stronger handstands - slow and controlled rise and release (I do what the little kids do and throw myself up, I can stay up but I want that control) - still fun, not controlled to rise and rush on this one

- Learn more about Retreats, find one to try for end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 - Moving this one to the end of 2019

- Visualize more - I need to be specific but def doing it

- Manifest more - I created a vision board for this one to help me

- Send love to those who need it - I do this regularly

- Be patient not passive. - I'M TRYING to be patient, passive I'm def not, although I do have moments where I over analyze but it is what it is. Working on this one.


- Get rid of those relationship that have run it's course and those that are toxic - learning to do this

- Get rid of material items that are no longer needed, used, wanted, etc - have gotten rid of a lot, still doing this one

- Find creative ways of branching out, reaching out and getting more involved with the community. - Researching this one

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