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Reflection on 2017

Reflecting back on 2017, the first thing that comes to mind is how grateful I am for this year of transformation. It had a LOT of ups and downs, sometimes it seemed more downs than ups at times. I transitioned out of a 20 year career that was all I knew and found that I not only hated it, but was SCREAMING from the inside to never return to it, just never had the nerve to actually take the leap. Thankfully, God, the Universe, whatever it is you want to call it, made it so...once my contract ended, so did my career in IT and so began my journey with teaching yoga and finding my voice.

Transitioning from a very materialistic lifestyle of accumulating things, now I had to cut back a LOT. I was forced see what was really important, find my bliss, forced to do "without" and go within, to "let go" and accept what I couldn't control, "go with the flow", find what really made me tick and all that fun shit that comes with the self-discovery journey. I had to get rid of what no longer served me (still doing this and will continue as I grow). I'm grateful that it changed and continues to change my view of what and who are truly important for me, my life, my family, my business, my practice, my future and my growth.

Humility is a big one for me, discovering my self-worth, finding how I really saw myself and going within to find me. The support from my husband, children and extended family and friends have been is truly a humbling experience, a huge eye opener. When frustration would kick in because things were delayed, I would get "don't worry about it, it will happen when it's supposed to happen" and it became my mantra by the end of the year. When others got frustrated, I would extend the same to them and told them to focus on what could be controlled. I opened up my boutique at home because that was in my control. I could control getting the word out, showing my excitement of where I was going, give people a glimpse of my vision in my business and hopefully they get to join me in excitement.

As of Dec 26th, I signed my lease! Tears of joy, surreal awe, overwhelming wave of relief with slight bit of panic all at once but in a weird way I don't want this feeling to go away, this feeling is freeing. Now, I know I don't HAVE to go back to the old, THIS IS IT! Still overwhelming to see where it goes, the anticipation of the unknown, but I keep picturing the classes I'll teach, the faces coming through my door for yoga classes, for meditations, for workshops, angel card readings, finding homes for the crystals (and other inventory I've accumulated in the past couple months) and for visits to just say "hello".

With all that said, it's with a grateful heart and an open mind that I thank my God, my Universe, my Angels, my spirit guides and everyone else that had a hand in this... for 2017. I'm happy to see this year come to a close, I'm humbled for the experience and the awakening. With all that it has to offer and all that I get to share with the community, I CANNOT WAIT for 2018! Namaste & Many blessings!!

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