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Hey Beautiful! 


I see you doing it all: Spending long hours working from home hunched over the laptop, trying to find ways to entertain your kids so you can get a few more things done for work or running them around in your few spare moments, and grabbing whatever you can to eat in between meetings, errands, and deadlines.  Ending your day with some wine.  No wonder why you’re stressed out and your body is in pain. 


You’re amazing for putting everyone and everything else first, but something HAS to give!  Your self-sacrificing and “Pandemic habits” can’t continue much longer.  You’re going to find yourself burnt out, exhausted, and in excruciating pain. 


I know because I’ve been there time and time again! 


Five years ago, I was exactly where you are: at the height of my career, spending long hours at the office, with a daily 2+ hr commute and tending to my family.  I was managing my stress by “training for races”, yoga as a means of stretching, conditioning at the gym as a way to stay fit until race was over and I’d take a break of doing absolutely nothing.  Finding myself in pain, gaining weight, full of anxiety, stressed out and low self-esteem.  Eventually I burnt out.  I kept finding myself in this viscous cycle.


One day my body had enough.  During one of my “breaks”, I went to get up off the couch and my back would spasm.  I went to take a breath and SPASM!  I stood still and SPASM!  I found I had a bouquet of issues: scoliosis, degenerative discs in the lower back and sciatica! Along with osteoarthritis in my neck, issues down my right leg: tendonitis and bursitis.


I went to physical therapy to rehab back to “normal” and I had asked my physical therapist if they thought yoga would help me.  I had done it during my training and truly enjoyed it, my body always felt great afterwards and they said they highly recommended yoga!  So, I did both PT and yoga, much to my surprise I was able to move pain-free in a short amount of time.  I gained back my confidence, I felt amazing in my skin, I was more mindful of how I ate and treated my body and my stressful life didn’t seem so stressful anymore.  I began to see things differently and even slept better!  During our pandemic I was beginning to see those same patterns in others.  People making poor choices in eating, drinking and low self-esteem. 

That’s why I created my 6-week Program:

New Habits for the New Norm 


In this program you will: 

  • Release stiff, over-stressed muscles in the body

  • Build a strong core to support your back, improve your posture and feel more confident

  • Soothe anxiety and stress with healing breath work practices that can be done any time you need!

  • Learn to meditate to help with your anxiety, become mindful about what you put into your body and improve your sleep.

  • Have a better sense of self, feeling more at ease and feeling more comfortable physically.


What to expect:

  • 2-3 Classes a week (virtual or in-studio)

  • A weekly meditation class

  • Optional Private Session to help with:

    • Ensuring you're doing poses correctly

    • Keeping your body in alignment

    • Learning where and how to adjust for your need.

  • Journal for tracking:

    • meditation

    • moods

    • eating habits

  • Facebook Accountability Group

  • Empowerment Group to meet up every other week (total of 3 meetings) to help support you and encourage you on your journey.  The group will help recognize obstacles and prevent self sabotage as you progress through the program.

  • A self-analysis checklist to compare before and after 

This is an investment in yourself, but I promise, there’s freedom on the other side. 

I’m limiting enrollment to 10 people (2 groups of 5 for classes due to Covid.  The Empowerment sessions will be in person and zoom up to 10 people) so I can give as much support as possible. 

The investment is $495 and registration closes Friday, September 25th, program begins October 1st!!  Get in early and save $45 ($450 for registration), if you register by September 18th.  Your time is NOW!  Contact studio directly for discount!

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