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Dragon Reiki 1 & 2
Practitioner Training

Dragon Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Training is a combination of lecture, discussion, hand-on experience. Practice includes learning how hands on, distance healing, self healing and how to attune objects & food with the energy.  You will receive a Dragon Reiki 1 & 2 manual, We will be going through a lot of practical moments so it is important that you also bring something to take notes in.  We do recommend you dress comfortably, and bring lunch and water as well as a crystal or object you wish to attune.  If you do not have something, you can always purchase at the boutique.  Snacks will be provided.

Dragon Reiki works deeply with healing and caring for our soul and its aim is to create harmony and peace.  When we transform our inner world, our outer world transforms too.  When this takes place, our physical body begins to heal itself.   While practice takes place during the class, it is expected that you will set aside additional time to practice after the class is over.

You will receive your Dragon Reiki Practitioner certificate upon completion.  This workshop is aimed at beginners as well as people who have experience in energy work.  You will get to meet your healing Dragon/Dragons as well as gain an understanding of the Dragon Realm and how they protect their treasure, which is us and our planet.  This course shares the power on the earth's elements and how we are able to connect with and heal with the energy of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Akasha.

Reiki Treatment

April 30 - May 1st

12-6pm (both days)

$444.00 per person

Limited to 10 people!!

Members receive 10% off

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