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Our Boutique

Our Boutique offers a variety of Merchandise & Services to meet your fancy:

  • Crystals from tumbled to larger collectible pieces.

  • Sage, sage spray, palo santo incense & incense holders

  • Handmade Jewelry

  • Home decor

  • Personalized Children's clothing

  • Organic bath care (soaps & body oils, etc)

  • Card Readings - 30 or 60 mins (by appointment only - Virtual or In Person)

  • Space Clearing - (by appointment only, we come to you to clear the energy in your personal space)

  • Yoga Gear - mats, mat bags, straps, eye pillows, etc

  • Yoga apparel - both men & women

The boutique is kid friendly, we take the time to introduce the crystals to the children, give them coloring pages to color and craft to keep them busy, while their guardians shop. (Children are not to be left alone while taking yoga classes)

Card Readings

Virtual & In Person Readings

For Betsy (Owner of TWE) was born with her "gifts".  When she decided to read for others and enhance these gifts, it started with mediumship readings with friends and some family, people she trusted.   A few years later, she got into Tarot Card Readings as a hobby, but only for herself.  Eventually, Betsy practiced on friends and family to help fine tune her skill.  Today she reads on a regular basis to anyone seeking guidance, feeling stuck or just curious.  Most times she doesn't even need cards, these are used to confirm and add information she may need to relay from Spirit.  She combines readings with her ability to see future events, energies, past lives, and anything else that may pop up during the sessions.  Betsy's readings are always given with the best of intentions and with love.  Readings can be done either virtually via Zoom or in person.

To inquire more about her readings, please email for more information.


$85 per half hour  ($65 for first time reading)

$150 per hour.

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